Sessions To Be Implemented — Existing Rules To Receive Stricter Enforcement

When we started this season, we contemplated whether or not to implement practice sessions. We looked at all of the variables and decided to begin the season with the same format as 2013 — open practice sessions — but continue to evaluate the need for split practice sessions.

These past few months we have seen exponential growth in rider turnout, especially among the 85cc class and below. We did not anticipate having consistently high rider turnout and the influx of the smaller bikes.

Taking notice of this consistent trend, we began the process to start implementing (future) practice sessions. However last week Sunday (8/11/14), we made the decision to implement sessions a week earlier than planned. It was a decision that we absolutely needed to make, for the safety of all riders. Since the implementation, we have had an overwhelming amount of support for the change and we will continue to look for ways we can improve upon our new practice format.

Practice days will now use the following format:

The first hour will most likely continue to be OPEN practice. When the ratio between big bikes and small bikes reaches a point where we need split sessions, the following format will be implemented:

  • Session 1: Minis
  • Session 2: A & B
    If there is a low ride count, C class riders will be combined with the A & B session.
  • Session 3: C + Quads

All sessions will be 20 minutes in length and all classes will receive the same amount of rotations and track time.

New & Existing Rules To Receive Stricter Enforcement

Along with the addition of practice sessions, we will be updating our rules and continue to strictly enforce them.
Two existing rules that have been lightly enforced, will now be strictly enforced:

  • Track Cutting
    there is no longer a need to cut the track in order to avoid a slower pack of bikes, so please stay on the track. Using water roads, or cutting the track is OK when there is an emergency, red flag, etc.
  • Parking Lot Speed
    please keep your speed to an idle while you are not on the track.

With these two rules you get one warning. If you continue to cut the track, or use excessive speed while off the track, you will be asked to leave. All rules and track policies can be reviewed here.

13 responses to “Sessions To Be Implemented — Existing Rules To Receive Stricter Enforcement

    1. More than likely there will be 3 sessions on Wednesdays unless the rider count is low, or there is a need to split the bigger bikes (A,B,C classes).

  1. I rode here for the first time a few weeks ago and the track was as advertised, AWESOME. Much to my surprise it was very chaotic though. The chaos was mainly off the track rather than on it. Bikes adn quads speeding around, cutting the track (seen a person basically get run over), people on the track taking videos and pictures (wtf peple??), and just an overall sense that things were out of control.

    fast forward a week and wow, what a difference! I was able to witness you guys put this into action and it was impressive to say the least. Just being able to see how much of a difference splitting into groups made was eye opening. I really think this is a great move. You guys have a phenomenal track (top 3 in the midwest?) and this just elevates your standing even more!

    1. Thanks for the compliments and input – we appreciate it! Sounds like you were able to see exactly what we have been noticing/monitoring and what led us to this decision. Much of the “chaos” you are referring to has been significantly reduced by going to sessions. The need to reign in the off-track chaos was also something we immediately needed to address, and we plan to implement further changes to ensure the safety of riders and spectators. Thanks again for the input, it is appreciated!

  2. Sounds perfect. Rider safety comes first. Thanks for the update and the fact that you continue to improve the Facility for practice.

    1. Thank you Brad, we will continue to be proactive when it comes to rider safety, it’s something we take very serious.

    1. Thanks Julie 🙂 We appreciate you being a regular visitor! Hopefully mother nature is nice the next few days so we can get the track fixed!

  3. I can’t wait to get out on this track. I haven’t been on a bike in a long time. I just bought a used bike and I’m ready to ride. I’m a beginner ready and eager to learn. When will the track be open in 2015?

  4. great track but did you increase the step ups size since last year because it was insanly intimidating this year…

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