2013 Opening Day At Martin MX Park

With the long & wet spring behind us, we finally had a beautiful day and were able to open our gates for the first time this season. Given the late start to the season, we didn’t know what to expect come opening day. We still had plenty of track work left to do, and we were not even close to completing our internal goals prior to opening day. Needless to say, we were glad to finally open, but disappointed with the hole mother nature put us in.

Once the first bikes hit the track, the rough spring quickly became an afterthought. Immediately after the first few riders took some laps on the new track layout, it became clear the changes we made to the track were a great start. Throughout the day, Paul (owner), sought out as many riders as possible to introduce himself as the owner, and to get their feedback on the new track. In addition to the riders Paul was able to chat with, others made sure to let the staff know what they thought, and all were very pleased with the changes & updates.

When the opening day ended, it had far surpassed our expectations. One long time employee of the track said it was the largest turnout they had seen in all their years working at the track. We are looking forward to the rest of the season, and continually upgrading the facilities.

Thank you to all who came out opening day, we look forward to seeing you throughout the season.

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  1. I have been riding at Martin since the day it opened. I have seen 3 previous owners. 2 of the past owners put in a lot of effort and 1 no effort at all which I thought would be the end of Martin MX. Thank god for Paul. He is doing a great job with the track conditions better than I have ever seen in the past. I think the amount of riders showing up to ride says it all. We are very lucky to have such a great place to ride. Remember tracks like this are rare so lets all support it by riding every chance you can. Thanks to Paul and his whole support crew.

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